Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend Roundup....

Seriously, this weekend went by far too quickly. It's Sunday already and I have yet to have a decent cup of coffee all weekend. Can you imagine? I don't have any Keurig in the house that isn't Mocha Latte - and for instant, I only have Taster's Choice Robust which is not nearly as good as the original. But if that's the worst problem of my weekend, I'm doing okay.

So, nothing new on the house front - we still have yet to find anything. Time is a ticking on the offer we have, otherwise it's rental time. And G flip flops on his thoughts on that - sometimes he figures no biggie - then other days he says "no way." Although....I did get an email from an aquaintance of mine who has a beautiful home on one of my favorite streets in our town - and she's thinking about selling. So we may take a look at the house this week, she's going to get back to me on Monday. She's a realtor herself, so I tend to think that if she didn't already have a place in mind, she wouldn't have raised my hopes and sent the email - right? Her house is actually right next door to a house we looked at three years ago that we really loved - but someone beat us to the offer. So, I'm cautiously - cautiously - optomistic. I'm really hoping to get in and see the inside, though truthfully - even if it needed work, I wouldn't care just to be in that neighborhood.

Today, the kiddies and I are heading to visit cousins who are also our best friends. They have a crazy amount of cats - like 9 or something? So the kids are besides themselves with excitement to see them and play with the little furry felines -- I think that 4 of them are kittens actually. I swear, they aren't crazy - they have a huge house, you'd never know there are that many animals there. Though this girl would not love the cat box situation that must be going on. Ugh, that would be impossible I think. I have two cats and their cat box is enough to keep up with.

I had my 1 year "thank you party" at the store last week - and we had a fantastic turnout. I was beyond touched at the response because there were many different fundraisers going on that night, so to have such a strong turnout at my little store - was great! We got some really nice publicity out of it and everyone had a great time. It was a nice little glow to end the week on - though I was crazy tired on Friday, I'm not going to lie.

And on that note, this girl is off to go enjoy the rest of the day! Because it's back to the grind tomorrow....

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Suldog said...

Already a year? Time flies! Congratulations!