Monday, July 19, 2010

It's your birthday....Happy Birthday....

Six years ago today, Princess Petunia arrived.
And it was literally 6 years - today. Meaning, it was a Monday that she was born.

I'd been in labor all day the day previous; contractions were 7 minutes apart consistently - but nothing incredibly uncomfortable. I spent the day at a girlfriends' house for a bbq/potluck, and stayed off my feet most of the day.

Around 2am I woke up, because I had a dream that I was giving birth. Those contractions were now back labor and much more intense; still 7 minutes apart, but definitely more substantial. I actually drove myself to the hospital at 3:30am, because our son was sleeping and I didn't want to wake him up so I told G I'd call. I thought for sure since I was 5 weeks early, they'd keep my contractions at bay.

By 5:45, they were 2 minutes apart and my doctor said "How quickly can G get here, because we're taking her now". Now?!?! Now. I'd had complications that required me to have a C section and it could have been rather traumatic had nature taken it's course and natural style birthing took place, so when I tell you my doctor didn't wait - I'm not kidding. They were already under way in trying to get to her by the time G arrived in the operating room in scrubs.

She was born at 9:04 a.m., and I was out of the operating room by 11. Being a preemie, she was decent size and initally they thought she might need to go to neonatal; but the neonatologist initially told me no, she was 5lb 7 oz and well within normal weight. But due to the Csection, they changed their mind because she had fluid in her lungs - so off to neonatal she went. I got to see her afterwards, but didn't get to hold her in my arms until after 9pm that night when she was able to come out and come in my room.
She's had a twinkle in her eye since the day she was's still there, and she's full of sugar and spice -- and a whole lot of sass. She's fiesty and spunky...but sensitive and thoughtful. She's got an incredible amount of wittiness for someone so young, and loves to laugh.
(that's her on the left!)
Happy Birthday, Princess Petunia.
I always have been, and always will be "Overjoyed" with you.

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Suldog said...

Happy Birthday to Princess Petunia! And to you, proud mommy!