Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Hang onto your husbands girls...."

(Quote from Nicole Kidman's character in "Practical Magic" as she walked into her hometown's PTA meeting that her sister was sponsoring...cute movie with some great lines.)

So, I interrupt my weekend to post this letter:

Dear Women at the Pool Club today -
I don't want your husbands. Not sure if you noticed, but I'm clearly pushing the envelope on 30's- no spring chicken here; obviously married - did you not see the ring that was gleaming brightly in the sun? I practically blinded myself at times today! A mother of two kids - and was not really dressed in a revealing manner that would have prompted you to continually stare me down all day today. (Code for "I don't own a bikini, I'm in surf shorts and a tank for God's sake!) It was rather awkward at times, seeing as I was alone with no one to talk to when the kids were off doing their own thing, and I couldn't help but notice your glares as I had to look in your direction from time to time.

Yeah, thanks for that. Good times.
Aren't we women supposed to stick together? Ah, well - I guess you didn't get that memo.

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The Moyse Crew said...

My god, I hope you read this! You are too halarious! I was posting a new blog on my blog & pushed "next blog" after mine & yours popped up! It was just what I needed, how funny! I'm not a creepy weird-o! Just another Mom who loves to write about my 'real' opinions & post pics for family to enjoy. Have a great day! Rebecca (my name as well):)