Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Won’t you step into the freezer, tease her with a tweezer....

Okay, so given the fact that it was so oppressive today - one wouldn't expect to hear me say I'm freezing; but I am!

Central air all day long in work, in and out of the walk in cooler to restock and organize - just to come home to central air in freeze. Sure, it could be worse - I could have no air conditioning, and I wouldn't be happy then either.

It's just that once I get a chill, until I shower - I can't shake the chill. That's what happens when you have low blood pressure, and low body weight. There are worse issues to have, true...but still, I am loving this weather! I can hang out in this all day long, preferably with a pool nearby.

We wait all winter long for weather like this....and then when we get it - we complain.
Us New Englanders are just never satisfied, are we?

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Joan said...

Neither are we in CA. I think people everywhere complain about their weather. :) For the most part, I love it here.