Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You know what I'm really in the mood for right now?

(A phone call from Jason Varitek celebrating the fact that he's staying in Boston? Yes, that too...but that wasn't where I was going with this post, truth be told. I knew he was staying -- there was no doubt in my mind, but that's a story for another day....)

That's one of the great things about being sick....when the fever breaks, I am hungry.
And typically, I'll eat things I wouldn't normally indulge in.

Like Oreos.

Interestingly enough....I think we might actually have some in the cookie jar!
See, when I go food shopping - I barely buy junk, like Oreos. Not that they're the worst thing in the world, but I just don't typically buy cookies and sweets. But when G goes -- we're stocked with not only cookies -- but Doritos which, we all know is Crack for this girl.

In my Snugglie no less. Can I just tell you? This is like one of the greatest creations ever. You can even use a hair clip to close it so when you wrap it around you, you're completely ensconsced in a blanket.

Love it!


Nichole M said...

I love the snuggie. You've seen the parody on youtube, right? if you haven't, you must go there NOW. Search snuggie parody. I made Daniel lie on the couch in "seductive dad pose." Ha!

Suldog said...

That's funny. When I'm sick, I become ravenous. Doesn't matter if it's a cold or a fever. I just pile in the food.

Oh, wait, I do that when I'm feeling well, too. Never mind.

Mom said...

I hope you're feeling better honey! and as far as the "comfort" food that you eat when you'
re not feeling well....I say go for it:) I'm not much of a snack eater anbd would prefer ice cream to anything else, but let Dad go....oh my..../That's another tory entirely and as it stands right now, between the chips and snacks he wanted for the month....I am using 1 1/3 Personally...I dont like Oreos. WEhat I used to love was Hydrox...;and unfortunately you cvan't get them here. They have a much better taste! Hope ytpu're feeling better and will catch up with you opn the weekend. Keep warm and keep well......Hope to see you soon....