Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two thumbs up and 5 stars.....

Let me preface this review by stating that I am not, in the slightest -- a Jim Carrey fan.
I am, however - a huge fan of Gary Oldman, and Robert Zemeckis.

"A Christmas Carol" is by far, the most artistically spectacular movie I've ever seen. The animation is second to none; similar to the "Polar Express" - the technology used in this film was so far beyond where "Polar Express" left off -- it's mindblowing. There are some moments that even in extreme closeups you question whether it's actors or animation that you're looking at.

The adaptation is pretty true to the Dickens story; there's some embellishment of sorts but for the most part it's almost the way I remember the book. Lets face it, England in the 1840s is rather dark and Dickens isn't the shiniest and happiest of authors -- but the magic of Zemeckis brings you right there and for a few moments in time you forget that you're in a theatre, and it's the new millenium.

My only real critique is that there's little interaction between Scrooge and Crotchet; I seem to remember a bit more detail into their relationship so that the connection to he and Little Tim made more sense than it did in the movie. I found that I needed to explain why he was so interested in that family, because to younger children who haven't read the classic yet - there was no true obvious tie between the two people; so I felt that the one glimpse we had of them working together was really outlined as an obvious assumption to those of us who grew up with the story all of these years.

Definitely not a movie for those under 8; Princess Petunia is no shrinking violet and at 5 1/2 - she was definitely startled and scared at times. She stuck it out, but as I said - Dickens isn't shiny and happy so even the prettiest of scenes are dark for little ones. That being said, this is absolutely a fabulous family movie -- and seriously, a great date night film.

We might even go see it again!


Suzanne said...

Thanks for the review! I'm planning on taking K&Z and leaving the little guy home. Do you think 7 years of age is acceptable?

I'd love to get together soon. H1N1 is gone but I've got some mysterious upper respiratory thing going on. Maybe next week?

Rebecca said...

You're entirely welcome! :) I think it depends on how the kids are with scary things. Its by no means over the top scary - but, with it being 3D, it's startling. I think if the boys like haunted houses and that kind of stuff - they should be perfectly fine!

I'm sorry about the respiratory thing - it seems everyone's got it! I just got over a pneumonia-like thing myself; actually I still sound sick to a certain extent but not in my nose, it's all my chest. Feeling tons better though. No worries, let me know when you feel better and we'll meet up!

BTW, I have to RSVP to the invite! I think we actually have a tasting that night, I have to check....

~**Dawn**~ said...

We went to see it too! Loved it. I absolutely plan to own it on DVD. We said the same thing though: definitely not a movie for small children. *I* jumped several times & I am well-familiar with the story!