Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I hate to be a cat, but.....

(No offense to some of my favorite furry felines...)

Listen, I love my girl Mariah Carey. She's one of the most phenomenally talented singers of our era. And I know that she's not the brightest bulb in the box, or at least doesn't put any effort into trying to appear relatively intelligent (not judging, if that's who she is - cool beans.), and I also know that she doesn't really need to work at keeping a fabulous image because, well....she can sing like nobody's business, so the truth of the matter is - she can do whatever she wants because she is tried, true and the real deal in the music industry. A diva, with staying power and the pipes to back it up.


Did anyone happen to catch her on the Jay Leno show last night?

She looked terrible. I kind of always suspected she had her breasts enlarged but my God, she looked bigger than Pam Anderson at her biggest! And she was in this skin tight dress that looked like she was stuffed into it, and the word sausage - would be a compliment. Even more surprising -- I think she got her nose done! Which I would think as a singer, that would be a surgery one might opt not to do. Just sayin'...

Anyway, I wanted to rush through the television and give her a sweater and say "honey, you don't need to look like this.... you're amazing no matter what!" She just looks like she's oozing insecurity, on a physical level. Of course, I'm sure it's the total opposite and she's just enjoying herself - but it's not a good look.

It's just not workin' for you Mimi.

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jenandmolly said...

Just looked at the clip on you tube....holy schmoly! Wasn't sure the girls were going to stay contained! That was a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen!