Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Scratchy, Raspy, Rough and Sassy....

That would be my voice.
I totally have that laryngitis but now it's really deep and fading in and out - sort of like when you have a really bad chest cold.

Which, I do believe I have now.
That "laryngitis but I have no other symptoms" has evolved into a definite chest cold, complete with fever. Nothing a little Tylenol, Motrin and some good soup and tea can't fix, right?

I almost think that to a certain extent, at some level - because the store is doing well enough that for most shifts, outside of my calling to see if they're busy -- I don't necessarily need to check on them quite so much. Which is such a relief; so subconsciously I think I may have let my guard down and relaxed so that I actually can get sick. You know, the whole "mind over matter" for the past three weeks of my running on excitement and nervous energy, always keeping in the back of my mind that I have to be there, have to be always available. (of course, sampling 15 different wines yesterday, maybe not eating enough over the last three weeks because I'm too busy, staying up a little too late this past weekend... hmmmmkay, maybe that had a little something to do with it.)

Of course, with everything under the sun going around -- it's no shock I've caught some semblence of germ/bug/flu. But it's not going to keep me down.

Not going to keep me down.


Nichole M said...

Hope you feel better very soon! I totally hear you about getting sick once you let your guard down. When I was in college/med school, the minute, and I mean MINUTE after my last final was done, BAM!! I'd get sick. Finally figured out why, scientifically -- when you're all amped up, you've got endorphins running around, keeping your immune system on double patrol. As soon as you can relax, those hormones stop, and the immune system relaxes as well!

Suldog said...

Take it from someone who uses his voice for earning a living: Rest the voice and it will come back strong. Drink plenty of soothing things and keep your surroundings (as well as yourself) well hydrated.

Rebecca said...

Nichole -- I KNEW there had to be a legit reasoning behind it! Thanks Mrs MD. :) You rock...

Suldog, I keep forgetting you use your voice for a living. I always say that I'd be out of work frequently (well, once a year anyway) due to my proclivity to bronchitis in the fall.

Do you gargle w/ salt water - or is that a myth???