Monday, November 16, 2009

That one got me.....right....(gasp)

Okay, so last night's football game sucked.
There's no other way to say it.

The Colts didn't beat us, so much as we lost. And now that the day is over, and Bill Belichick has done his press circuit for the day - it's been talked to death. But I'm still going to give my two cents on it.

Personally, I thought going for it on the 4th with 2 yards was a good call -- to me, it seemed like the best choice to make the win. Of course, knowing the possibility of what not making the conversion as well (which unfortunately came to fruition) -- it still seemed like a viable option. Not only was the defense clearly exhausted but to gain two yards surely isn't the impossible. That being said -- had I realized they had no timeouts left, maybe I would've felt differently; I thought they had one left which obviously - they didn't. Additionally, I really thought that it was our fabulous (but in my opinion clearly irritated) quarterback who really insisted on going for it -- it seemed like he plead his case to Belichick who in the end said "ok".

That wasn't the only gaff of the game though -- I think there's far too much focus on that one play. It was just the icing on the cake -- but let's be honest -the main reason they lost the game was that one drive where the Colts scored in under a minute. You can't go soft on any team with a lead, let alone the Colts and that is bigger than any judgement on whether to punt or not.

It's absolutely amazing how quickly people bash decisions. Had the call gone our way -- it would've been heralded as ballsy and brilliant. Yet it's so easy to be Monday morning quarterback.

Seriously, if that was anyone of you -- with only two yards to get first down -- and if you make it - the game is won, wouldn't you take that chance? Sometimes you have to take a gamble on yourself, and a coach took a gamble on his team.

And really now, who wouldn't gamble on the Patriots?

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Suldog said...

It was the right call. Took amazing balls to actually call it, too. I certainly would have liked to have seen a review of the spot on Faulk's catch, so, yeah, the time-out would have been useful. Oh, well. With any luck, we get a chance at revenge in the playoffs :-)