Monday, November 30, 2009

"Where is the orderly, controlled, effective Dexter? How did I lose him?"

Best show ever -- Dexter, on Showtime.
Hands down.

If you haven't seen it -- I highly recommend you do. Start with Season 1, and I guarantee it will lure you in. Every episode I think "how can it get better than this?!?!" and yet - every episode, every season -- it does. The character quirks, the storylines, the monologues and character development are all outstanding.

Imagine.... who ever thought that a show about a serial killer could illicit compassion and even affection towards a character with the kinds of traits that are reprehensible? It sort of puts into perspective the fact that life isn't black and white....there are always shades of gray.


jenandmolly said...

LOVE DEXTER!!!! Sooooo not my usual type of show, but he's so sick he's amazing!

Rebecca said...

Hey Jen, the funny thing about it -- is that he's not nearly the monster he "thinks" he is. He's more human than most.... Love him. Besides, how can we not love a vigilante -- it's all for a good cause!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I *love* this show! Season Two was my least favorite, but still enjoyed it. This season though? Has blown me away. Edge of your seat, jaw-dropping awesomeness. And Lithgow? Bravo! I cannot wait to see how it ends this week--but I'm bummed that the season is over.