Friday, May 06, 2011

Stewie: ... "what do you say to that broccoli ... stop mocking me ..."

So, anyone else really really craving salt?
Last night, I ate a whole bowl of home made guacamole by myself.
As if I never saw food before.

Tonight -- I got the kids subs for dinner as a treat.
I couldn't help but to eat all the hot peppers that my son didn't want to eat.
I posted previously about it -- something about Italian subs, is like crack. I can't resist it.
(Just to clarify, no - I have never tried crack, but if it calls to you like an Italian sub calls to me - oh my, I feel your pain.)

Speaking of calling to me... there is this fabulous little consignment shop that opened up across the street from the store a few weeks ago. This store is going to be a downfall for me, I think. I have never shopped at a consignnment store; actually, this is not entirely true. When I was little, my Mom used to take me to this consignment store where I grew up - and I would pick out jeans there (think Jordache, Calvin Klein) because my parents couldn't afford to buy me them from the department stores. I was so incredibly skinny that even back then, they didn't fit me -- I always ended up in spandex pants (otherwise known today as yoga pants.) I had no hips when I was little - I was barely a size 0. I had to wear boys jeans for the most part. After having children, well...those womanly curves made their appearance! But I digress...

So today, I bought a gorgeous Michael Kors gold trenchcoat - it's stunning. (Trust me, the photos on the link do it no justice.) I wanted it for a wedding I attended last Sunday, but I told myself if it was there this week again - I'd buy it. And there it was, calling my name... for under $50. I don't have a dress coat that isn't for winter - so it wasn't an incredibly frivolous buy. (yes, I think angels might have sung a bit as I walked out of the store. Just sayin'...)

Anyway, it's Friday - and I have a brand new crush on a Chardonnay. It's Curley Reserve, Oak Knoll Napa Chardonnay, and oh my.... it's a pretty one. Clearly with a high alcohol content because just a glass and this girl is a little tipsy. Not an inexpensive Chardonnay either I might add, but definitely the perfect choice to wrap this week up.

It's Mother's Day weekend....a fabulous and yet, just a little painful time for this girl. Mother's Day this year is the one year anniversary of my mother's passing. I'm running a 3.5 mile race that day - and I think that's a great way to celebrate the day. I miss my mother more than anyone could ever know...but I try not to dwell on that. Just focus on the happiness of the present.

And a little more Chardonnay....

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