Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bits and Pieces....Odds & Ends....

1. The Number 1 Search Engine Phrase that leads lurkers to this blog is: Elizabeth Reaser forehead. Seriously...! Crazy, right? On my logs, I get at least 5 people a day who "secret squirrel" read and they get here via that phrase -- and Google leads them to this post, which is the very first one on the list! I guess that's a big "high five" for my blog being that high on a Google return list - but so very sad for Ms. Reaser to know how many people are googling about her hairline! I mean sure, I wrote a post about it - but I'm a bit surprised at how fixated people are with it, in retrospect.....

2. Interjection, shows excitement or emotion.... So, here's a little something I wonder. Why is it that when a person is upset about something, they'll often attack someone else - and someone who's supposed to be on the same "team", so to speak? Does it really make them feel that much better to try to be mean to someone else just because they're angry about something? I mean, to be crass or hurtful - snide and condescending - does it feel that good afterwards? Because I can't speak for anyone else, but when I say something out of anger - it doesn't make me feel good. Not even a little...

3. It might not be such a bad idea to have a license to be a parent. So, the latest to come out of the world of craziness is the mother who injected her daughter with Botox so she can win beauty contests. Someone please....take that child away. To question whether that is child abuse is almost as obscene as the act itself -- damn straight it's child abuse. Never mind illegal....the mom isn't a doctor. The horror to think of what could happen if an injection went awry....and even worse - where is this girl's family!?! Someone please take her away...far, far, away.

4. And finally.... Do you know where you're going to. Do you like the things in life are showing you? Where are you going to...do you know?

Final Thought: "Even his enemies list him as their emergency contact.."


Suldog said...

Botox girl... ugh. No doubt the child should be removed. I think she has been, as a matter of fact, and good if so.

Of course, there are gradations on the "what should or should not be considered child abuse" scale.

Pierced ears?


Lots of folks think these are just fine. Some other folks think these are violations of the body of someone unable to yet fight back.

Interesting questions arise, no?

Rebecca said...

Hey Suldog -
Well, yes and no. I mean, circumcision is optional in today's age...though I personally think it's a good thing to do, it's not illegal or harmful to do otherwise - and they are anesthesized in modern times. The olden days? Well, that's barbaric, IMHO.

Pierced ears, there's nothing harmful about that either. And truthfully, it's less painful than most immunizations.

And considering that parents can kill their children and suffer minimal reprecussions (or so it seems, and look at latest case of Camden Hughes...), it's apalling that people are allowed to procreate without some semblence of sanity testing.

Clearly I jest - but something has to be done. Child abuse and parental murder feels like it's becoming an epidemic!!