Thursday, May 19, 2011

Music that changed my life...for different reasons, different seasons.

The very first time I heard of Linda Eder was 4th of July 2000. I was watching the Boston Pops by myself - and she taking the stage. That night, I forever became a fan of hers - and very specifically - this song. When I say it moved me watching her sing, I'm not exaggerating. To this day, I still feel that the last 60 seconds of the song is one of most beautiful endings, ever. I hope you enjoy it too.

Ahh, the lovely Miss Edie Brickell - her fabulous lyrics and hippie like style changed this metal loving girl forever. While I always was a fan 60s and 70s folk as well - this song in particular came out at the right time to prove that flower power didn't have to be a thing of the past. The theme became a mantra that I still hang onto today. What I am is what I am -- are you what you are, or what....?

Another 80's classic - and one of my most favorite bands, the Cult - had a song that caught my ear and my heart. This song stands out for me because while I always was in admiration of good lyrical arrangement, this one in particular drew me in because of it's tragedy. Not just about the death of the star of the song - but the tragic way the song tells the story. So much raw emotion comes through, and you can't help but feel it.

We hear the National Anthem thousands of times over our lifetime - by a variety of artists. But no one artist has ever sung it so effortless, beautifully and with such emotion as Miss Whitney Houston at the Superbowl 1991. To this day it gives me goosebumps when I hear it and feel oh-so proud to be American.

And finally....while there are dozens of other songs that I could share with you all that forever impacted my life, I will leave you with this one. This is the acoustic version of the original that I'd heard - but it restored my faith in the fact that there is truly talent out there, who can put out a cd - and have every single song be absolutely amazing. From beginning to end. And a gift.

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