Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th..and then some

Today I chaperoned Princess Petunia's field trip to Ipswich River Conservation.
She announced before we left that it was Friday the 13th, which meant that clearly everything was going to go wrong today. Actually, she hit the nail on the head - sort of.

Our bus driver got lost! So funny, we're sitting at the back of the bus - and I notice that we're in Wenham. Wenham?!?! I go to the Wildlife Sanctuary with the kids a couple of times a year - and I know it's in Topsfield right after the Fairgrounds; so I ask the teacher why the driver is going all the way up 128 into Wenham. Well....

Turns out there is an Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary "area" in South Hamilton, which coincidentally enough - has the same exact street address! Who would think that there would be two, and both 86 Perkins Road - but in two different cities?? Crazy, right? So... we turned around, all of us who had GPS in our phones guided the driver to the right location - and though we were 1 1/2 hours late - we still had a great time.

This girl, who's never had allergies before -- left there today with swollen eyes and a borderline migraine. Crazy pollen levels, and I am glad to be home where it is allergen free inside. If I had any inclination that I'd react that way, I'd have pre-empted with Benedryl.

It's been a relatively stressful week - new house issues. The house we want fell through; then could be back - and now we're waiting to hear. In the meantime we're looking at houses in other communities which I have very torn feelings about. They're areas I'd always loved to live in... cozy little North Shore communities with outstanding school systems which at this point is going to be key in picking a new home; but I'm so, so distressed about moving the kids in general. I know they'll be fine - and they'll adjust perfectly fine. But I just can't help feeling a little guilty over it. I remember how I felt just moving across the city as a kid...

The ideal situation would be for this house we love to come through.... but I just don't know. They've flipped and flopped so much now - and we really just need clarity at this point to know if we're in -- or we're out. We don't need to sell in order to buy at this point - and we've laid that on the table, so now it's time for them to determine: are they selling - or not. I know they love their home, but really - I'm all set with being up in the air. They can pick the closing date - and if it's the end of the summer, so be it. But make up your mind, please.

I'm thinking maybe a hot shower and a nice glass of wine might be the perfect way for me to unwind from the week and to stop thinking about real estate. Just stop...

However you spend your weekend, I hope it's filled with laughter and love.

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Suldog said...

I'm not much of a triskodekophobian (or however you say it about someone who fears 13) but this past Friday had more than its share of crap. You'll pardon me for saying so, but I'm glad to know it wasn't just me :-)