Thursday, May 26, 2011

God bless the beasts and the children.....

The defense attorneys for Casey Anthony should be horribly ashamed of themselves.
I don't know how they sleep at night.

Their latest efforts to place the blame on anyone BUT their client - is apalling to say the least.

Do they forget that they said that there IS a Zenaida Gonzalez that stole little Caylee? Do they forget that they tried to frame Ray Kronk, the person who found Caylee? And now they're trying to blame Casey's father for the murder?!

Do they forget that she partied for over a month before admitting her daughter was "kidnapped"? Do they forget that she told multiple lies about her whereabouts, how Caylee was "kidnapped", her they forget that during that month she lied to her parents, saying she and Caylee were together? Do they forget that she stole money from her friends to party during that time? "La Vita Dolce" - the sweet life - was the phrase tattooed while her daughter lay dead in a field.

Do they forget that it was cholorform - not chlorine - that was residiual on that beautiful baby's remains? Chloroform - which was googled on Casey's computer for home made recipes on how to make it - and use it.

The circumstantial evidence goes on, and on and on....

All I know is that justice best be served....and I hope it's served cold.

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