Thursday, April 25, 2013

Inquiring minds want to know....

So, here's one for you.
Why is it, that when you buy trail mix -- it's predominantly raisins?

Even the "Magical Mystery Mix" from Whole Foods - isn't that magical nor mysterious.
It's clearly, predominantly raisins.  And not just plain raisins, but yogurt covered ones as well.

So basically, I bought a container of raisins with a few nuts and chocolate chips scattered in.

I hate raisins.
HATE them.

I don't like them cooked in food...I don't like them in bagels or bread.  And dear God, don't give me plain raisins.  I do however, tolerate yogurt raisins.

And of course - wine.
But I will qualify with that I don't particularly care for Amarones (heavy raisin flavor) or dessert wines.  Outside of the cloyingly sweet flavor, I don't love ones with a raisin like quality.

Where this disdain for the dried little grape came from, I'll never know.  I remember my mother giving me the little Sunmaid raisin boxes when I was little and I remember loving them.  I don't know if I ate a bad one or what - but man, do I not like them.

And yet here I sit, eating the very un-magical and un-mysterious mix from Whole Foods.
Trying to avoid the raisins......


Chatelaine said...

Maybe Coffee Tea and Me has a raisin free trail mix. I think they just might!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I stopped buying trail mix and started buy just the various components. Now I mix my own with just the ingredients and ratios I want. ;-) Seriously, it takes me about 4 minutes once a week. I often do it while I am cooking on the weekend and find myself standing around, waiting on something to be ready for the next step.

Rebecca said...

@Chatelaine - THANK YOU for the trail mix gift today. It was yummy and totally raisin free! YAY!!!

Chatelaine said...

Glad you liked it!

Suldog said...

Raisinettes? Chocolate (or a reasonable facsimile thereof.) You can pretend they're chocolate-covered ants and you're a fancy-schmancy person who eats exotic insects!

(Well, that's what I did with them when I was a kid.)