Wednesday, April 17, 2013

'Cuz I love that dirty water...ahh, Boston you're my home.."

And it's clearly not the home of the absolute morons who bombed the Boston Marathon.

Criminals, are certainly not brilliant.
And we are beyond fortunate because of that.  As devastating as this Marathon Monday was, realistically it could have potentially been a lot worse.

Thankfully, it wasn't.

Boston, while a major metropolitan city - is a small world.  We're all connected in some way.  We all know someone who was there that day, running or watching.  Injured or Safe.  Not only are we tough and resiliant, we are tightly bound.  There is a kinship amongst us that is a tie that binds us, especially during difficult times.

The people who did this atrocious act, basically just poked the bear. 
And they best be careful, because it bites.

(We were in NYC when this awful event happened.  It was hard to not be completely glued to social media, tv and cell phones.  While I was happy to be there for our family vacation, my heart longed to be home.  Funny how life happens sometimes.  One of our stores is about 1.4 mile from the finish line; and I'm usually there on Marathon Monday, after attending the Sox game - watching the inspirational runners cross the line.  So very thankful that we were in my second favorite city.....

Speaking of which - so very hard to hate the Yankees.  Class act organization, supporting so very publicly their arch rivals.)

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