Sunday, April 21, 2013

What a week...

I was absolutely riveted to the television, as probably most Bostonians were this week.
We were in NYC when the attack initally took place.  While I was happy to have fun with the kids, it was overshadowed by the want to be home.

I'm usually there on Patriots Day.  It's amazingly awe inspiring watching the runners cross the finish line, and it was rare for me not to be there.  I'm very happy that I wasn't - but I can't promise I won't be there in the future. 

I am always proud to be an American.  I am supremely proud to be a Bostonian....and I always have been - and will continue to forever be - in awe of our law enforcement.  96 hours from attack to capture....not all cities would be able to pull that off. 

Boston proud - Boston strong.

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Suldog said...

Quite the week, wasn't it? So many stories - sad, but heroic; tragic, but courageous. Proud of where I live, that's for sure.