Thursday, May 09, 2013

...the sounds, of silence.....

Yes, I disappeared for a brief moment in time.
Just so much going on in this girl's world these days.

We lost a family member this week...and it was a whirlwind.
And a good friend of mine lost their Mom as well.
And Wednesday, when we buried our family member - it was the 3rd anniversary of my Mom's passing.

Prior to that, I can't remember the last time I blogged - or what I wrote about, truthfully,  I know that over the last week or so I've had some great rants but yet here I am, logged in - and they're all escaping me at the moment. 

Well, I've got a few thoughts I can share actually.

Regarding the dead bomber - I look at it this way:  it costs at minimum 30k a year to imprison him, had he been alive.  Why not ship his body back to Khazakstan, or where ever he is from.  I've got to think one dead person is going to cost less to ship back to the Mother Country than to keep alive in the prison system.  Just sayin'.....

Regarding Jody Arias, that sick twisted maniac.  I don't believe a word she says.  She doesn't want to die - she wants to live, which is why she's saying it.  I'm sorry, not only was the crime atrocious, but her cavalier demeanor after the fact is equally as bad.  I have zero compassion for her, and personally think she'd be a waste of taxpayer's dollars.  But that's just my opinion....

Regarding the Ohio kidnapper, Ariel Castro - I'm sorry, did I read that the judge actually set a bail for him?  Really???  And not for anything but did anyone else pick up on the disinterest and disdain in the 911 dispatcher's voice when the call came in?  Clearly, he thought our hero was "cuckoo for cocoa puffs..".  Its obviously a socio-economically depressed area where he kept these girls hostage for years, but I'm sorry - this girl thinks that the police department definitely dropped the ball somewhere along the line.  How do you get called to that location years ago regarding stories of naked women and they don't find them?!  Someone's got some 'splaining to do....

Clearly, it's been a rather dark week or so in my world.  And yet, I've managed to try to keep the sun shining..... every day is another day to have a good day, right?

Onwards - and upwards.

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