Sunday, May 19, 2013

From table

It's significantly cooler right now than it's been all day.

I'm sipping wine inside my screened gazebo, listening to the rain drizzling down.  I just finished the starting of the planting of my garden.  Early this morning I went shopping and found my window boxes that fit over the deck railing, as well as the cedar whiskey barrels.  I also bought some of my vegetables....I didn't get everything until later today after Princess Petunia's softball game, because she wanted to pick some things out herself.

So it's only the starting - because I need more soil, and actually more window boxes.  But those I'll get tomorrow.  Besides we still have flowers to plant!

What did we do for veggies you're wondering? 5 lettuce mix, iceberg & radicchio; chocolate mint, sweet basil, rosemary and cilantro;  white onion, chives and garlic; blueberries, cherry tomatoes & bear tomotoes; watermelon, canteloupe and broccoli.  All in pots and boxes, if you can believe it.   I almost planted swiss chard but didn't....and I couldn't find kale.  But if I find it....we're growing it!

I was so excited driving home today to get started on it.
It's funny how something so simple and so basic, can be one of the happiest and simplest things in life.  That's the key though, right?  Keep it simple...

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Chatelaine said...

Wow, you'll be able to open your own farmer's market soon!