Thursday, March 04, 2010

So exciting!!!

So, yesterday I got a phone call from the television show Chronicle asking if they could come and interview me on a piece they're doing on wine.

(Could they come to my store?!?!?

Would you believe that in the two hours they spent in my store -- only 2 customers came in? I couldn't believe it. That has never, ever happened in the short history of the shop. I was beside myself over it, what are the chances?!! It was okay though, we had enough flow to keep it interesting.

And now, I'm pretty tired. Exhausted, actually. It was such an adrenalin rush, and then when it was over - I was drained. Sounds silly, but of course I was nervous a bit. I have the best poker face when it comes to these things but trust me..... the butterflies were there.

I'm crazy excited to see it but at the same time -- scared to watch. No one really likes the way they look or sound, right? And while I know I'm really good talking to people it was very difficult to shake the feeling of having to be just perfect while on camera - and I'm afraid I'm going to come off as contrived -- or maybe not having answered the questions properly! Did I roll my eyes too much; did I purse my lips too much so that those silly little lines around my lips are obnoxiously visible; the only thing I know for sure is that I did not talk with my hands -- those I kept in my apron! I just hope that I don't look absolutely ridiculous. He said I was a great interview - but wow, I didn't feel like I was.

This was a huge and fantastic opportunity for the store and truly -- it was so much fun.
I am so ready to unwind with a delicious dinner, and a nice glass of wine.

There are definitely worse jobs to be had.


Brandi said...

Congrats - that is so exciting!! I know that feeling of not wanting to see yourself on camera after the fact, but I'm sure you did great!! Would love if you could link to the video if you can get to it online.

Congrats again! :-)

Rebecca said...

Hi Brandi! Yes, if I don't think it's too horrific, I'll post it. ;)

Thank you!!!!

jenandmolly said...

Any idea when it will be on??? How exciting! I'm sure you were fabulous!!!! Yay!

Wendy said...

I am positive it will be wonderful and I cannot wait to watch it.

Loved the Rielsing by the way, Thanks!