Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Yeah, man, it means love, respect, community... and the dollars too. The package. The kwan..."

Last night, I had a moment.

At the store, we had a tasting of steak tips & country style ribs - along with some beer. All from local companies - and I called it a "Shop Fresh, Shop Local" tasting. It was delicious! And, rather well publicized within all the social media networks.

I stayed a little later than usual because I hadn't quite anticipated the rush of people and I had three people on and my being there was definitely a benefit, which is something I love to do. Working a night shift is always fun because it's typically busier than the days anyway, and we all know my love for chatting with people.

While I was there, I took a moment and stepped back to take it in: Michael Buble music playing, the lights glowing, the store full of people smiling and laughing.....and I had such a surge of self contentment and pride. It was fantastic!

But a customer made a comment that truly was the icing on the cake. She stated how much she loved the store, how happy she and all her friends were that we were there -- how much we prettied up the shopping area, how great it was for the city and how much everyone has positive feedback and then she said "look - see how many people are here, you're really bringing the community together!"

Though I kept my cool on the outside and of course was graciously appreciative...
I was completely beaming inside.

I always knew I was capable of great things.
But to actually do pretty awesome.


Nichole M said...

To have your efforts praised and even lauded as a benefit to the commuity... wow. You've certainly worked hard for it and deserve it; I'm so glad you're being recognized.

Suldog said...


You had a steak tip and rib tasting?!? Oh, man. Wish I had known. I would have been there with bells on.

Wendy said...

"I always knew I was capable of great things.
But to actually do pretty awesome."

I love that you wrote this and I am so proud of you! This might even fall under the category of defining moment but definitely validating something you already knew. Priceless.