Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The transparency is disturbing....

So, here's what I want to know.....

Is anyone else picking up on the absolute and complete assasination attempt that is going on towards Toyota?

Is it a coincidence that our President, is Chief CEO and stock holder of General Motors? I think not.

What also isn't a coincidence, nor does it take a rocket scientist to figure out -- is what is probably the most disturbing plan of propaganda to come out of this administration. The attempts to destroy the reputation of the number one imported vehicle in the country -- possibly the world -- is just so disturbing. The blatantly transparent effort to sway the American consumers to lose faith in that company and therefore opt to shop, oh I don't know.... American? Not to say that I don't agree with shopping American for vehicles if thats what you choose, but let's be honest -- Toyota is probably the most sound vehicle of any country's make -- on the market today.

People may briefly opt to shop elsewhere -- but I assure you, that won't last long.

It's unfortunate that so little about our Executive in Chief being in such a position of power at one of the most poorly managed American companies has been expressed in the media.

But alas....the public is nothing more than confused sheep following a very fickle shepherd.


Tim King said...

Hi, Rebecca. I haven't really been following the Toyota brouhaha very closely, because it's all fear-mongering. I think politicians do this on purpose—whether intentionally or unintentionally—because if they can freak out the American voter, they can more easily make him lose his head, and someone who has lost his head is much easier to control. Unfortunately, the news media plays right into the fear, because fear sells, because when people are afraid, they more readily become desperate.

I don't know that you need a conspiracy between Obama and GM, although Obama certainly has political forces pushing him to do anything he can for GM, even at the expense of the American driver.

Here's a commentary from the LA Times website that I liked, because it presents a measured antidote to the hysteria:



Rebecca said...

Hi Tim,
Thanks - I'll check it out!
Thanks for sharing!

Rebecca said...

Oh -- I hit enter too soon. :)
I don't think it's a conspiracy per se; it's all too transparent for that. But what I do find disturbing is how slanted the media is to the left. It's all so selective. I'm absolutely a bonafide "middle of the road" person - fiscally conservative, socially liberal -- maybe that's Libertarian? But when the media is so quick to cry blasphemy on everyone from the politicans on the Right, to Tiger Woods -- I find it more than irritating to see how passive they are with regards to our present Commander in Chief.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy hearing him speak -- he's pleasant, affable and clearly intelligent. But I whole heartedly disagree with the way the country feels like it's run by the media, complete from Flu Hysteria to Toyota Trauma.

:) Going to read the article now. Thanks again!

Susan said...

What about all the stuff that the government does hide?

No one talks about how horrible we are doing for example: mortgages, the information is out there but it's not in the mainstream media, the government and the media are covering it up to make us look like we are doing better than we really are.

That's more scary to me...than say a car.

Rebecca said...

Hi Susan!
I don't think that's been hidden at all... but that's my point. Its a fickle, fickle shepherd. They've moved on from that to something else. ;) Rather than sticking with a subject, and following through, its the topic du jour - but that's my rant regarding the media moreso than the issue regarding Toyota.

I just think that the media is so far to the left, there's no bias any more. I want information and fact. People feel the economy is doing better because the media says it is -- but is it really? Hard to say...

Suldog said...

It's all fairly disheartening, whether it be cars, banks, healthcare... Hey, Spring Training! Enjoy!

Tim King said...

That's a good point regarding how neither the government nor the media have been highlighting the state of the economy. Stocks have been slowly growing in value, but consumer evaluation of the economy has remained low for about a year, even though people keep expecting it to get better.

Meanwhile, half of economists say that we're going to end up with hyperinflation, the other half predict a deflationary depression, and the third half claim the economy is already all better.

So why don't politicians harp on the economic uncertainty in order to push for broad new and increased government spending? Maybe because people fear government mismanagement of the economy more than they fear their own economic expectations?


Nichole M said...

fantastic post. I hadn't thought of it that way, but you make an excellent point. and I agree 100%!