Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts...

1.  SO glad the state of MA is appealing the sex change for convicted felon "Michelle" Kosilek.  Listen, I'm all for transgender modification; but I draw the line when that person is a murderer living out a life sentence and expects it for free on the taxpayer's dime.  I don't think that the personal well being and psychological comfort of a person who commits a heinous act and is being punished for it - is quite as important as it is for those who lead good, healthy and productive lives as members of society.  Why can't this person use their personal funds for the surgery?  Why should the state pay for it?  It's not medically necessary...there are lots of homosexual and transgender people who don't have surgery and seem to be just fine.  Maybe it's harsh - but this girl feels that sure, you got your due process - and you lost your case so now you're in jail.  You don't get to have "rights" like people who abide and follow the law do.  So I'm sorry you don't feel like a man...dress like a woman and deal with it.  My hard working money shouldn't go to sustain your fragile psyche.  It should go to more important people, like the men and women who wear a uniform to protect the world from people such as yourself.  If we're going to fund anything - let it be for causes of good for the better of society.
      1a.  Please please please - don't allow Charles Jaynes the opportunity to change his name.   I'm sorry my friend - being Wiccan isn't the same as being Muslim.  There is no incentive or initiative to be called something other than your birthname.   You should wear the scarlet letter that is your name legally for as long as you walk this Earth.  You should never be able to hide from the ugliness of the crime you committed.  (And for those of you who don't know whom this awful person is - Google the name "Jeffrey Curley".  And be prepared for a good cry.....)

2.  Clearly, you can say you graduated from just about one is going to check!  So, the debaucle known as the Jamaica Plain Drug Lab - has shown that you can lie and say you graduated from just about any college - and no one is going to ask for the transcript to back it up.  It just makes you wonder how many "professionals" are out there, doing jobs that maybe they really aren't qualified for..?

3.  Three times is a charm... So, the saying goes "when it rains - it pours".  We have 3 different locations courting us for opening a new store.  How's that for interesting?  If I wasn't such a control freak, I'd be open to the idea of someone franchising the stores and having variations of our theme all over the country - with us there to open them all. (Hello you hear me knocking??).  But I'm not quite ready to kick back and let someone else be the face and presence at a store with our reputation.  So for now, we're looking at what we can build and run ourselves.  Two different spaces in the lovely town we live in that has a quaint little walking downtown; one in the downtown Boston/ Back Bay area.  Maybe even another in a city adjacent to Boston proper - but honestly, that doesn't thrill me much.

4.  NYC here I come!  Yes, it's true.  G and I are heading back to the Big Apple soon to celebrate our annivesary.  We almost bought front row tickets to see Barbra Streisand, complete with VIP afterparty/meet & greet.  Sure, the amount we'd have spent would've been like remodeling one of our bathrooms, but c'mon -it's Barbra.  Truthfully, I'd have spent it to see her...but we aren't going.  We are instead going to just paint the town red.  So, I need a new pair of fabulous boots - a fantastic dress and a fun new mascara to crush on.  (C'mon, I'm a minimalist - it's all about the amazing mascara and lip gloss.)  Recommendations... anyone??

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