Monday, September 17, 2012

Joyeaux Anniversaire...

I'm very fortunate and blessed.
In my 42 years on this Earth, I've been able to experience so many wonderful things that life has to offer.

I've had my share of difficulties as well; but without those, how can we ever truly appreciate the often simple, but beautiful moments that life has to offer? 

Your journey in life is what you make of it; if you perceive the obstacles that life throws you as roadblocks, then they will be.  If you perceive them as challenges to overcome, then you will find a way to circumvent them, and leave them in your rear view mirror.  There is no luck in this life -it's perception and attitude. 

One of the most challenging obstacles I've encountered to date - is the acceptance of others.  I don't mean in the prejudicial way; I mean in the respect that we all have our own crosses to bear and decisions to make, and while we may not agree with the decisions of others - we have to accept them.  My mother's passing was the final step in that process; prior to that, I'd released my personal responsibility of trying to "fix" people and solve all their problems.  But when it came to final life decisions of someone so close to me -- I couldn't do it.  I just couldn't accept a choice that to me seemed so irrational and fearful.   So to have finally embraced her decisions and accept that it was her journey - not mine - is one of the greatest lessons I've had to learn in my adult life.

See, even when a Mother is gone...she's still teaching you.

I'm more than likely half way through my life as of today - and that's if I'm fortunate to live to be 84.
I'm still full of happiness and hope, excitement and pride.

I'm so proud of who I am, where I've been - and where I'm going.  I'm a Mom, a Wife, A Sister, A Daughter, A Friend.  I hope to be a Grandmother someday.  I'm hopeful that there are less difficult times and only beautiful ones in my future; I don't need to learn more lessons - I've learned enough to this point and I hope to only have to reflect upon them in the future as I guide my children through their way in life.

Happy Birthday to me.... and I hope to have many more returns.

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Suldog said...

Indeed, Happy Birthday to YOU!

Yes, parents do tend to teach us even after they've gone on. I think I've found more truth in My Dad's wisdom, since he died, than I did before he died. It's one of the pains of life that we often aren't able to finally say, "You know, you were right about that", until the person you want to say it to isn't around.