Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pardon my shock, disbelief and lack of understanding...

The recent attacks in Libya & Egypt are horrible. 

But am I really expected to believe that this all was generated as a result of a spoof movie that made a mockery of the Prophet Muhammed?

I'm sorry, but do these very fundamentalists not mock Catholicism, Judiasim and every other religion not their own?  Do they not blasphemize and defame our figures of religion? 

Have they not seen the movie Borat???
(Okay, so that's a joke - but the statements above it are not....)

Here's the deal, my little Islamic fundamentalist friends:
I get and even understand you being all bent about a movie that mocks your religious beliefs.  It's crude and disrespectful; however just because a movie was made in America doesn't mean that you attack the American government because it was made here!  Surely you can't be that stupid to not understand the difference.  (And people wonder why we think that other countries act like savages....)

Are you that angry about the Western culture that you use any excuse to wage war in the name of your God; because here's the difference my friends - when we come after you, it's because of unjust treatment or retaliation for terrorism.  We don't just do it because you offended our God - because let's be honest - who doesn't poke fun at religions?

It's time for ya'll to put your big boy shoulders on and let it roll....not everyone embraces your religion or understands it.  But that is never a good enough excuse to wage acts of war, ever. (and yes, this girl believes that assasinating American officials in any capacity be it sniper, tank or mob - is an act of war....)

Stop being hypocrites; smarten up, toughen up and grow up.

I truly don't understand how anyone thinks that the United States will ever be able to have a peaceful roadmap with most of the Middle East. 

How do you work rationally with the complete and total irrational?

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