Saturday, September 15, 2012

...cause in Vienna, we were poetry....

I am so excited!
Tonight, I'm going to see Linda Eder!

My aunt got tickets for us, it's going to be a birthday celebration of sorts.  It was supposed to be her, myself and my sister - but my sister is sick, so my aunts friend will be joining us instead. 

Front row, natch. 
(We all know how I'm a ticket snob... I know, I know, it's silly - but if I'm going to go somewhere, I want to have the best seats in the house! I don't indulge in much in life, so when it comes to a good show - damn straight I want the best seats in the house.  And fortunately, my aunt is the same way....imagine the money we'll have to kick out if Ms. Streisand was to tour again....?)

Drinks, Show, Apps.  Fun!
So that just leaves one question....what's a girl to wear?

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