Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Tuesday Top 10..

So many things I'd love to write about and yet....
I've opted to go with a fluffy top 10.

Here are my top 10 favorite smells - in no random order.

1. Nag Champa
2. The smell of food cooking in a house, esp. with garlic -- love, love, love savory scents
3. Pumpkin pie baking
4. Sephora - oh yes, the store has a specific smell, and it's amazing.
5. Vanilla, in just about any configuration: Candles, Food, Perfume, Soap....
6. Cedar
7. Baby Powder with Lavendar
8. Lavendar & Lemon
9. The smell of good leather
10. The smell of a fire pit/fireplace

What scents make you feel warm & fuzzy?

1 comment:

Suldog said...

The smell of baking bread.




Dry dusty dirt, intermittently interspersed with patches of green grass, and perhaps a hint of well-worn leather.

(That would be a softball field.)

A very light rain in the city, with the raindrops kicking up a scent of the sand left over from winter plowing.

(I know that's an odd one, but it is serendipitous and wonderful, for me.)