Monday, August 23, 2010

Would that be boring....or just one boring life....

The other night, I started reading some of my older posts from the first year I started blogging.

What I found most interesting is that without having an office environment in my day to day life -- my life has so much less to rant about. Which is a great thing - but at the same time, makes me feel relatively boring in comparison.

I mean, don't get me wrong - I could rant plenty about staffing or customers -- but I actually like them so it's not really worth the rant. I have total satisfaction with my job, I generally like my staff -- and I truly love my customers. Love sounds like a strange word, but I have regulars that I look forward to seeing every day. Some are little loco and funny; others are just great people -and it feels like my circle of friends has increased with some of them.

So I apologize if I've been less than entertaining this year; at the same time, despite some not so great events in life - I'm pretty happy. And I don't think that necesarily equates to boring...

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