Monday, August 09, 2010

Monday,'s here to stay...

So sad to have seen the weekend end.

Saturday, the kiddies and I went to the most beautiful town in the Boston area - "SWellsley" (Thanks AE for the backstory on the nickname!) where we spent the day at Elm Bank and enjoyed the Massachusetts Marketplace Festival. It's an annual event where local farmers market types come and sell their wares. We got to get food from our favorite little Amish farm, StoneyBrook out in Montgomery, MA. The BEST peach pie in the whole entire world!! Pear Bread, Shoefly Pie...mmmm, good.

I found a few new food vendors that I'm excited to see their products at the store; but I was rather disappointed in this year's event. There were far less vendors than before, and the food wasn't as good either; I packed a sheet for us to picnic -but there was no food to have lunch with. Usually there's a caterer, but this time it was one guy working the grill, and everything was sold out by 12:30. But that's okay - we still had so much fun.

Sunday, it was the Feast of the Madonna in the North End. One of the smaller ones - but still so yummy. I had an Arancini and I am now good for at least another year with that incredible indulgence. Speaking of indulgences, the chocolate covered marshmellows - were insane. Insane!

We then left after a while and went to the Nevin's Farm shelter in hopes of seeing adorable little puppies; but we got there just as they closed. So, instead we hopped in and out of store and the Rockingham Mall before settling in for dinner. (Not that I was incredibly hungry after that Arancini, but hey - I found the room for it.)

It's weekends like these that make it difficult to enjoy Monday.
And I'm always thankful for this blog, because when the kiddies get older and don't want to hang out with me anymore, I can always look back and see all the fun we used to have.

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