Friday, August 13, 2010

Creepy people smile and creepy people lie and creepy people seep into your life...

Seriously, this totally cracked me up today.

So, I'm stocking the cooler and the phone rings. I answer it - and there's this muffled, low voice saying something I can't understand. So I ask them to repeat it; so they do - but again, it's not clear, I'm not sure what they're saying - so I apologlize and ask them once more. This time, I hear it loud and clear.

It's an obscene phone call.
Seriously!?!?! Seriously.

So, I say "OMG, seriously?!?! That's nasty! An obscene phone call?!?! Seriously, you know I have caller ID, right??".... next thing I hear: Click.

Laugh my ass off I did.
And then... I thought - "I'll get you my pretty....".

So, I do a search thinking no one is stupid enough to do that from a land line.
Oh yeah... he was.

So I decide to call my little phone friend who lives in Needham. But now he's shy; he doesn't want to take my call. (You don't say....?) So, I left him a message basically saying while I haven't had a call like that in 20 years and that it was pretty funny - don't ever call me again. And it's not 1984, we have caller ID. Dumbass...

An hour or so later, the phone rings. Someone else answers it, and isn't really clear on what the caller is talking about; there's reference to my leaving a message - and so I know immediately who it is....and so I take the phone.

First...he tries to say it wasn't him: it was his brother, or his son. (Of course it was you - I recognise your voice silly man.) Then, he apologized and said it will never happen again. (At least he had the gumption to call and apologize. He sounded embarrassed, if nothing else. But he definitely sounded.....special.)

Shaaa, I'd say not! There is no more anonymity in society my little friend.

Go call some other girl to see if she wants to BEEP your BEEP BEEP.

I've got one word for you - and it's Denis Leary's favorite.
Google it.


Anonymous said...

was his name quinn lipin?

Lloyd L. Corricelli said...

Well, I had to make the call...that's the only way you'll call me back! LOL.

jenandmolly said...

*Snort* of course you called back! That among many other things is why I want to be you!