Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow....let it snow!

1. It was so nice to wake up to the snow today. I left the house early to go to the supermarket -- why go before the storm, when you can go during? C'mon, I'm a New Englander -- what's a little snow?!? So, I went and did the bulk of my holiday menu shopping done - with the exception of the lobster for the bisque because truthfully, I don't want to make it that far ahead. I did however make the lasagna today and promptly froze it. Funny enough - every time I've done that, you know - made it ahead and froze it, people seem to like it better than when I make it fresh. Works for me, one less thing for me to have to do that day.

2. So, Tiger may have gotten his wish. Okay, so I may have mentioned on a sports blog that Tiger is probably praying that a celebrity died or there was some major tragedy to take the spotlight of off him for a change; while Brittany Murphy is by no means Heath Ledger-ish or Michael Jackson-like, she is a celebrity none the less and tragic with a death at 32. There's the breathing room he was praying for.
2a. Brittany Murphy was really only 32?!?! Was she like, 12 in Clueless? I guess she was only 22, but I certainly thought she was closer to 36. Funny how in La La land the ages seem younger and younger. Does anyone ever grow up?

3. Tonight is a marathon wrapping night. Hopefully I have wine in the house because this girl is tired and would love to have a nice glass of wine while wrapping. I don't have a choice -- I have no time between now and Christmas to get it done, so tonight it is.

4. My parents are coming tomorrow. I haven't seen them in almost two years -- and as I mentioned previously in posts over the summer, my Mother is sick and is finally going to see doctors at Dana Farber next week. Finally.

Well, that's about it for now. I'm off to ensure no little people are up so I can get crack-a-lacking.

Hi-ho,'s wrapping I will go....
(whistles off into the distance.....fade to black.)

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Nichole M said...

I was getting a pedicure when the girl next to me told me she died. I can't believe it. and what are they going to do on King of the Hill? I LOVE that show. :-(