Saturday, December 05, 2009

Wrapping up the week with some randomness.....

Just a little potpourri of thoughts going around this girls head....

1. What is all this drama about Tiger for? Seriously people, get a grip. Did any of you truly think that this was a surprise? You can't be serious. Unfortunately in the realm of celebrity, it's the rule - not the exception. I'm only surprised that this is such a shock to everyone else.

2. The Sox doin' the Shortstop Swap, yet again. Why there's such an issue with this position is beyond me. I get that Orlando Cabrera was not welcome in the organization - which is so unfortunate given the fact that he's absolutely the perfect fit -- but seriously, can't we get it right just once with this position? Jed Lowrie was never the answer, but I'm not sure that Scutaro is either. I suppose only time will tell... but it's a short time. Call me crazy, but two years in a contract isn't really the answer either.

3. Now I get why stringing up the lights is such an issue at Christmas. I have a prelit tree - so that's not an issue.... and even when I had a real tree, it didn't matter - I never really had a hard time. But this morning, I was out front and hung icicle lights from my farmers porch. Well, hanging them in the store was a breeze so I figured why not? Yeah, not so much here at home mostly because I used different lights. I had bought these last season and held onto them for this season, and so I suppose I shouldn't have been too shocked when I plugged them in just to find.......they don't light up. *sighs*.

4. I get that defense attorneys have a purpose in life, however..... I have intentionally not been following the Caylee Anthony case for months now. Last year, it really had such an impact on me and it became far too emotionally draining to keep up with. Plus there are so many unsolved and heinous crimes against children that while I don't suggest turning a blind eye to them - I do know that I can't get so caught up in it all. That being said.... I find it horribly despicable that the defense for Casey Anthony is trying to malign the person who found her daughter's remains. I don't care if Ray Kronk isn't a good person in life-- it is reprehensible to try to paint a negative light on someone just to save someone else, who (in my opinion) is guilty. How can they know that a client is guilty and feel justified in being dishonest themselves to free them? Just because this person found Caylee, it doesn't erase the fact that she was missing for a month before the mother told anyone - only mentioned it under duress; lied to everyone about who "took" her when she was clearly not taken at all; lied about everything in general and stole money; searched online how to break a child's neck, and how to make choloroform and use it for drugging; her car smelled of a dead body and forensics proved a dead body had been there;the little girl was found wrapped in items that were taken from the Anthony household;and most importantly -- forensics proved that the body had not been moved from its original spot, contrary to what the defense is going to try to prove.

How these people sleep at night is beyond me. In some ways, acquiting a guilty person knowingly is almost worse than the crime they committed.


Nichole M said...

The shortstop is Theo's kryptonite. I've resigned myself to thinking that if we get a good shortstop, it's purely by accident.

~**Dawn**~ said...

1. Nichole took the words right out of my mouth. Theo ---> shortstop ---> kryptonite.

4. And did you hear that they want the death penalty taken off the table now? Why would I not be shocked that if it were, we'd get an admission. >=[