Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top 10.... the first of a few (I think!)

So, I thought I'd list a few of my Top 10's for this year.
The first one being the Top 10 Surprises of This Girl's Life for 2009.

Truly, not in any particular order because there wasn't any one surprise that stood out -- and they cover all topics, not just me per se -- and here they are:

1o. Finding out that my torn meniscus - was really a calcified infrapatella plica that was lodged in my knee joint & ACL! That was totally a surprise. But, a better surprise than it having been my ACL being torn, which was initially what he thought when he went in there.
9. The circus surrounding Tiger Woods. Truly -- does anyone really care? Not this girl. Moving on....
8. Manny & David Ortiz testing positive for steriods. I have to say -- yes, I was surprised about Manny -- and disappointed.
7. My daughter's PreK closing. That was a total shock and surprise and out of nowhere. Fortunately, she took it in stride.
6. Michael Jackson's passing. Truly, that was surprising, sad and almost surreal. The best thing about it though was the resurgence of his music -- my kids love him. Which is really fun to see.
5. The big discrimination case that got to Presidential Level from the Harvard Professor who I won't even dignify naming. Seriously -- are you kidding me?!?!! Wasted time on everyone's behalf. It was obnoxious.
4. President Obama receiving the Nobel Prize. Truly -- this girl thinks he should've politely declined with the caveat that he'd gladly receive after some time in office should they reconsider him next year.
3. I have not brought home one piece of cheese from my store. Seriously, my favorite thing in the world and I have yet to bring any home for myself to enjoy. Can you imagine??
2. Not signing Mark Texeira. For just a second, didn't we all just scratch our heads and say "huh?" Sure that was December '08 but the effect lingered into the new year.
1. The finale of this season's Dexter. I have three words for that one, and it's "Oh My God." 'Nuff said.

Sure, there may be more.... but this is the first list - and there may be crossover to come.
Tomorrow will be a new list of "Top 10" something or other...!


Tom Bailey said...

Your list really caught my attention. I had a torn miniscus and I was able to recover fairly quickly after having an operation. I have to be careful running and I have to be careful doing certain yoga poses and I do not do deep heavy squats any longer.

Best regards,
Tom Bailey

Rebecca said...

Hi Tom!
Thanks for commenting. Yes, it took me months, literally months to be able to do King Pigeon and a variety of other yoga poses (esp. Ashtanga)as well - but now it's fine. I ran after 4 months no problem -- but yoga was definitely a challenge for a while.

Happy New Year!