Monday, December 07, 2009

Sleigh bells ring....are you listening?

I can't get over how quickly the days are flying.
It's already going to be the 8th - and my holiday cards aren't even ordered yet, let alone in the mail. I designed them weeks ago -- but figured I'd order them the first week. Well, I suppose so long as I get them out by the 15th I'm still in good shape.

It is time for me to start thinking of the holiday dinner...the only problem is I don't quite know how many people I'm having just yet. I think it's somewhere in the 10-12 adults and 4 children range, but I'm not positive yet. That's actually less than I had last year, and I'm not complaining! We always have an open house for dessert, so that's always fun. Dessert's not my strong suit, I typically make only one - and then ask everyone else to bring something.

I actually think I'm going to make the Turducken again this year; it was a huge hit last year and really would be worth serving a second year in a row. I'm torn between having ham again like I did last year - or possibly chateaubriand as my second main course. I do think I'm skipping the soup....unless I feel like making lobster bisque. I haven't made that in a few years, having made different soups over the past few -- so maybe I'll go back to my classic family favorite. And with chateaubriand it works nicely.

Things to think about....!
I'll keep everyone updated as I finalize the menu....

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