Thursday, May 03, 2007

It's guh-guh-guh-gorgeous outside....

"Why am I here today?" was the thought going through my head as I ran to Dunkin's to get my wheat bagel and "high maintenance but keeping it real" coffee. Oh - maybe because I'm off tomorrow...yeah, that's the ticket. And, a pretty fun day I've got lined up.

Tomorrow, I have a hair appointment for a little trim and brightening for the summer. But it's not until 1:00, so before then - I am planning on doing a little shopping (notice I said "a little"), maybe meeting a friend for coffee beforehand. But if the weather is nice - I may go for a run on the beach before all of that shopping. Maybe. It depends on if my girlfriend blows me off for running today after work. If she does - then I'll take a ball class this afternoon, and run tomorrow instead of today. So much more fun running alone at the beach, than at work -- even if it's on that awesome track.

After all of that hair "stuff" - the ponytail goes up,(hate to ruin a good hair style, but I certainly can't work out with it down!) and myself and a few girlfriends are taking a power yoga class which afterwards - there's a wine/cheese social going on because it's the first class at the "new gym". The yoga studio is moving - and so there's a little celebration. And then it's back to my house for some takeout - whomever wants to come over and hang out, that is.

I am so looking forward to Friday.

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