Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Run Forrest, Run....

I am sore today. But it’s that good kind of sore...not to be confused with the sore I’m feeling about the Red Sox loss from last night. Ouch... now that hurt.

Anyway – yesterday I ran on the track here on base for the first time. Whatever had I been waiting for? It was amazing to run on! I ran 1.75 miles, and walked another half mile. My girlfriend is just starting to run again and so she walked more laps than running – but just having us both out there together was motivation enough to keep going and push a little more. But the track itself was just awesome. It was like running on air. I used to sprint in junior high and high school – but the tracks weren’t nearly as comfortable as this one is. Having people to watch is a good thing to, since PT is mandatory for military, there’s almost always people out there doing something. Even if it’s only the traffic passing by – it beats running alone....on the treadmill...staring at the wall. I can’t wait to run again tomorrow.

Last night, I went to yoga and it was a more advanced class which I really enjoy. And it ran late – instead of an hour and a half – it went for two hours. So I am feeling pretty darn good I have to say.

I’m hoping the rain holds out, it’s T’s first baseball game tonight....very exciting! We’re going to go out for dinner after, since the game is at 5:30 – smack in the middle of dinner time for the kids. It’s fun having these sporting events to go to – and it’s great watching him play. Best of all, the newspaper in town writes articles about all the sports in town – even the kindergarten kids – and they report them as if they were pro athletes. It’s so very cute. I’m adding the clippings to his scrapbook, and of course photocopying them and mailing them to family.

Guess it’s time to get a subscription to the town paper it seems...!


Sookee said...

OK first...I quoted Forrest today, too, to someone at work. How funny!

And second...I have my scrapbook from swimming...still. I love it. Someday I'll be able to show my kids and that's pretty cool!!

Go T!

martie said... I remember those days! Naive played softball and her games and practices were on Monday and Wednesday, her oldest younger brother was in Little League and his games and practices were on Tuesday and Thursday, and the very youngest was in T-ball and his games and practices were on Fri. I was always running....that's how I stayed skinny back then....hmmmm, maybe I'm not busy enough any more!!!!

Good luck with T's games!

chesneygirl said...

I haven't been for a run outside yet this year, that sounds like a great idea...especially since the weather is cooperating finally!!
I ran sprints in Jr and Sr. High too!

I hope all had a great time at the game last night!! :)

Suldog said...

So, how did the game go?