Saturday, May 19, 2007

I'm so bored with all the.....rain!

Jeesh, I'm so ready for the sunshine! Isn't everyone else who's here in MA feeling the same way right about now? Will the Sox ever get to play again?!?!?!

Speaking of Sox - my first game of this season is the 28th. Great seats - going with my girlfriend Lynne who's been laid up from surgery, so we're very much looking forward to it! I can't even begin to think about the pitching rotation because with all this weather delaying things, and injuries - it's hard to tell who's going to be on. Not that it matters who's pitching, really. It's going to be a great game no matter what.

"I've got sunshine on a cloudy day"...

I'm trying, really trying to have my rose colored glasses on, but I've gotta tell you - I'm so done with the rain.

You Are Rain

You can be warm and sexy. Or cold and unwelcoming.
Either way, you slowly bring out the beauty around you.

You are best known for: your touch

Your dominant state: changing

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Lloyd L. Corricelli said...

I feel your pain. These cold and rainy days are causing me physical distress!

I was lucky on my first Sox game of the year. I hit Daisuke's first complete game of the season! It was also a beautiful warm night as well. I hope you get the same kind of weather and of course, a BoSox victory.