Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So my rose colored glasses are a little foggy this morning...

Ah yes. Things are bugging me today.

1. People who stir the pot. Some people just can’t let things go, or leave them be. Why cause trouble where there isn’t any? Drives me crazy when people create chaos where there isn’t any. I have no use for drama. And the mere fact that I’ve let someone like that affect my thoughts right now irritates me. I know better than that. I should just laugh it off, and think about how sad it must be to go through life constantly being caught up in drama. Clearly, I need a good cup of coffee – and maybe a handful of MnM’s to help me laugh it off.

2. The conditions of the ladies rooms in this place is horrifying. Really, horrifying. I couldn’t imagine how people I work with keep their homes! I have public restroom issues as it is – but some of the people I work with, I’m convinced – are animals.

3. Personalities that “bounce”. Highs that are high – and lows that are low, with very little in between. Why can’t there just be a happy medium? Even keeled and smooth, so that I don’t have to guess what mood I’m going to encounter. But wouldn’t that be refreshing!

4. I’m a little ticked about this working group I’m on at the moment. It’s a redundancy of work, effort, and truly – it’s a waste of time. I have very little tolerance for business concepts that don’t make sense, and this is one of them. Where’s that change of jobs I was hoping for?? I had really hoped that by now I’d have heard something from some of the offices I submitted to, but with the contract recompete going on, I guess everything is just up in the air at the moment. I’ve received lots of positive “yes, we’d love to have you”, so I guess I just need to find some patience.

So for me, this is one of those “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change....” kinds of days. (and no – it’s not hormonally based!) And.... maybe a good run after work to make me sweat all these feelings away.


ramblin' girl said...

I came back from my very relaxing trip to find that my coworker who is infamous for creating work out of nothing, completely changed one of my projects. Based on an old version. Now I have to figure out why, and what has to be done to the correct one so that his un-needed work is not completely lost. Yeah, I don't get it either. Changes in a few things would be nice, wouldn't they?

Enjoy your coffee and M&M's. I'm going to get my cup of joe right now.

Sarah said...

ahaha the restrooms at my work are atrocious as well. it's not uncommon to get emails every day from fellow female coworkers with titles like "HEADS UP LADIES, AVOID STALL #2 AT ALL COSTS".

it's gross!

Suldog said...

1 - M & M's are always helpful.

2 - Some people should have to pass a test before they are allowed to use public facilities*

3 - M & M's are always helpful.

4 - M & M's are always helpful.

(*I would have said "M & M's are always helpful, so maybe there should be a dish of them in the ladies for when you get stressed about the pigs you're sharing the bathroom with" in response to #2, but there's no telling where those folk's fingers have been and you wouldn't want them rooting around in your M & M's.)

Glitter said...

You need Reese's Peanut Butter cups...or a day off.

I hate drama.

chesneygirl said...

be thankful you aren't starting a brand new job and have only 4 days to learn EVERYTHING before the person leaves that you're replacing and nobody else in the company has ANY CLUE how to do the job!!!!

Julie said...

OH My Rebecca

Sounds like MY office (on a good day)- lets switch for a day and stir em up!

Cousin Julie