Monday, May 07, 2007

What was up with the flashy announcement anyway....?

Note to Roger: We didn’t want you anyway.
(Hmmmph. Flipping my hair.)

Listen, call me crazy – but. I did want him. I don’t care what the papers say about how our pitching staff is full, and we wouldn’t have had room for him anyway, yada yada yada. To me, those are saving face answers. Yes, I know that the newspapers printed a quote that morning from the Red Sox saying we don’t need the “Rocket”. I say – to hell with that – what could it hurt? Listen, it’s early in the season – and while all is going okay right now, we can’t live in the “right now”. Injuries can happen at a moment’s notice. What happens if DiceK can’t get command of the ball? What happens if Lester isn’t able to come back as anticipated. Do you want to keep Tavarez in the rotation long term? I don’t. Wouldn’t it make sense to have him in middle relief somewhere – and if that’s the game plan and Lester isn’t able to come back, well then what? What’s the back up plan? Might have been kind of nice to have Roger Clemens in the rotation, with Tavarez as the back up plan - is what I’m thinking.

Sure, we can all laugh and say “but he’s all the Yankees have...” or, “he’s really just an NL pitcher”. But it sure would’ve been nice to tout that he was in our rotation, wouldn’t it? It wouldn’t have hurt any to stick yet another thorn in the side of Steinbrenner, either.

I don’t know a lot all the ins and outs about baseball, admittedly. And maybe I sound silly in my thought processes, but I know what I think makes sense and so I can’t help but spout it.

Isn’t that what all armchair managers do?


Evorgleb said...

One of the guys over at Highbrid Nation wrote a very interesting post about Roger Clemems and and the "real" reason he has come back to play for the Yankees. Good Stuff.

Suldog said...

Honestly, Rebecca? The last thing I would have wanted was to see him back with the Sox. Truly. I think the guy is dishonest and I say let the Yanks have him.

By the way, I loved your comment over at my place and I wrote what almost amounts to a short story in answering it, so head back over to see it, if you want.

wheatgerm said...

Thats a great avatar

Big Ben said...

All I know is the Jays are really sucking! It will be Red Sox and Yanks again down the stretch - this stinks.

David Sullivan said...

My next post will be a letter to Roger.

bigwhitehat said...

Imagine how we feel down here.

green said...

rebecca: I can't help but agree with you. It would have been nice to have Roger. After all, no one has worn his #21 since he left for Toronto after the 1996 season.

But deep down I knew, in the off season, when the Yankees were able to bring back Andy Pettite that when Roger decided to play it would be in New York. Which really surprises me, since I think Clemens, great as he is, is very narcissistic. He's currently tied with Cy Young on the Red Sox all-time wins list (with 192) that I thought he'd come back to get the record and have it all to himself.

Oh well, here's to hoping he'll decide to pitch in 2008 (for the Sox.)

Lloyd L. Corricelli said...

You didn't want him? That's not what the lunch you bet me said? :)