Friday, May 18, 2007

More than words can say....

I love, love, love greeting cards. They just seem to capture what you’re thinking or feeling. I can spend hours (if I have that luxury!) in a card shop or a store that has cards and just thumb through them. If it makes me laugh, or makes me feel something – then it’s a keeper. So, if you ever receive a card from me – chances are, I really liked the card I chose for you.

Music is the same way for me. Sometimes, a song can just say it all. Other times, it’s just fun and maybe there’s nothing more to it than a catchy riff or beat that makes me feel good about it. The thing about music is that sometimes there’s a release of nothing good to listen to and I struggle to find something I really like. But occasionally, there’s a run of some good music – and right now is one of those times. These are just some of the songs I heard this week that I am just really enjoying -- and I can’t help but share them! There’s many more, and of course, I’m still loving my recent recommendations too; but I thought I'd give a small list today.

George Strait: Wrapped
Kimberly Locke: Change
Taylor Swift: Teardrops on my Guitar
Billy Currington: Good Directions
Fall Out Boys: Thanks for the Memories
Lifehouse: First Time
Dashboard Confessional: Stolen

It’s Friday...and I am freezing. Looking forward to the typical wrapping up of my week with some hot yoga (the hotter, the better in today’s case!), some cheap Chinese w. the kids and a nice glass of wine! Saturday brings me a day and evening full of parties.... and hopefully some downtime on Sunday.

Well, it's just about lunchtime and I'm ready to be recaffeinated. I am freezing cold, have my heater on at my desk - and can't bear to bring myself back outside. Thank God for friends in the office!


Lori said...

I always look forward to spring and summer and the WARMTH...but I somehow always forget about the central air that's always cranked to the max! Sigh...seems like I always need more wraps in the summertime!

Happy Weekend!

Mark said...

Love your music taste and I just jotted these down...thanks. My nano is mostly pump-up marathon training music so I'm having a hard time keeping everything separated but don't want to miss anything good! Huge George Strait fan from way way back. Really enjoying your blog, have read post after post.