Monday, February 06, 2012

It's been such a long time....

How about that Superbowl, eh?

Honestly - it wasn't that bad of a game.  I mean, it was actually a good game - both teams played well, and truthfully, the Patriots didn't even have a Superbowl caliber team this year, and yet....there they were.  Unfortunately, they just didn't seal the deal.  They had many lost opportunities right up to the last minute, because truthfully, they could've scored a touchdown if they had just 20 more seconds.  But alas, it wasn't meant to be....

Life is on it's way to settling down to normal, and that my friends is a good thing.

I've missed blogging. I've been running a "I'm just a girl" hotel of sorts for the last few months and so that's sort of been taking up my time at night when I might otherwise throw a thought or two out in the blogosphere.

Actually, it's afforded me the opportunity to really get caught up on my guilty television watching - and some not so guilty television.  While I'm all up to date on MobWives & Beverly Hills Housewives, I'm also loving other shows like Kitchen Cousins, Vanilla Ice Project (yes, that Vanilla Ice.  He's kind of there on the show as an accessory, but the house projects are fantastic!) and I'm also really enjoying Auction Kings.

But I miss blogging -- and I miss that other people have stopped blogging.  It seems that Facebook has replaced the blog and that is quite sad. Blogging is creativity, it is artistic, it is journalistic.  It can be simple and plain, or gripping and raw.  It can be a journal, or just a rambling of thoughts.  But it's better than 140 characters and certainly better than a simple statement of three sentences that other people comment on for the mere sake of having nothing better to do.

Blogs are thoughts and rants and raves - and hopefully they shed insight into those who write them.  And I think it's rather sad that it's being pushed aside for the immediate gratification and social circle of a website that garners, steals, and sells our personal information.

I'll be back...

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