Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cleaning house....

Both at home -- and at work.

When you have 5 bathrooms -- there's sometimes alot of cleaning to do!  Truthfully, all 5 don't get used all the time, but I did have to clcean up after quite the extended stay of a family member who had their own private bathroom.  Let me tell you - not looking forward to having to do that chore again.

Changes in staffing that are welcome and truly needed.  It's a new year, time for a fresh approach and with people who hopefully get the big picture.  I'm so fortunate, I have always had great staff and these are all people who truly want to be there because with the exception of one or two - this is a second job for them.  At the same time, there were a couple of people who just either didn't know what direction they were going in - or didn't really get the retail concept.  And that's okay too because they're nice people, but I can't just have people there because they are nice.  It's a business and needs to be treated as such.  And so a little housecleaning has been done, so to speak.

I feel good.

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Suldog said...

Eek! FIVE bathrooms? We're lucky if we keep the one cleaned up enough for company.