Sunday, February 26, 2012

Back to life...back to reality

To finish up the school vacation week, we took the kiddies to North Conway and spent time at Adventure Suites.  We really loved it there, outside of the fact that the bed was really not comfortable.  But it's a themed place and not exactly a 5 star hotel, so we took it in stride.  But the location is awesome and the service was great and the whole concept was just so much fun, we're already planning our return trip.

What's not to love about North Conway and Cranmore Mountain, right?

Best part of the hotel, was the water.  Yup, sounds crazy I know - but they served water with fresh cucumbers cut into it, and never have I tasted something so refreshing in all my life.  This girl will be serving it all summer long poolside, because truly - it was delicious and so fresh tasting.  I'm addicted to it....can't stop thinking about it.

Speaking of addictions, rumor has it that I'll be hitting the yoga mat once again starting this week.  I hope so anyway....

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