Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Good times, bad times....

So the day has come that the Captain is retiring.

I've been avoiding most televison coverage regarding it, until of course his press conference takes place.

It's truly bittersweet....and of course we all knew this day would come.

I'm really happy for him though.... he seems so happy.  He has a beautiful new wife (whom I really like alot, what little I know of her), is expecting a new baby girl, and is ready to start a new chapter in life.  How can we not be happy about that?!?

Selfishly, I hope that he stays on in some semblence of coaching capacity with the team.  That would be perfect.

And if not, well - if he's ever looking for something to do, I know of a good wine shop that would be happy to take him on.

Just sayin'....

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