Monday, February 21, 2011

Technology that I'm digging these days...

1. The Color Nook. Okay, while I'm most definitely a "see, touch, feel" kind of girl when it comes to shopping - I am enjoying this little gadget. It cant' replace the excitement of going to the book store, smelling the books and touching the covers - but since this girl doesn't typically have the time to make such excursions -- the Nook is working out just fine. I'm half way through Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" and just downloaded "90 Minutes in Heaven" which I'll be starting next. Got book recommendations? Please share! Have a Nook and want to "lend"me a book - let me know! Remember, one of my resolutions was to get back to reading and this is totally affording me the opportunity.

2. Pandora. Okay, again - I'm all about the music store (love, love, love Newbury Comics), but I'm really digging this Pandora thing that is bundled with the Nook. So I can read AND listen to music, which truthfully - is rather counterintuitive for me because it can prevent me from really becoming "lost" in the story. But still, is pretty cool. Pretty, pretty, cool. (Yes, Curb fans, that was a shoutout to the show which is "supposed" to be coming back on the air really soon....)

3. Netflix. No, I haven't joined yet - I must get my Roku box. But, WOW - just to be able to catch up on shows like Smallville and Greys - it's beyond worth it! Anyone a Netflix member? Care to share thoughts -- let me know!

What are some great gadgets that you've got that you're loving these days?


FlunkyBoy said...

I'm a big tech nerd (shocking...I know). Netflix is great for catching up on shows but I'm wondering if you have a PS3, XBox or Wii in the house? If so, you can stream shows from Netflix on these consoles. Granted, the library for the streaming stuff isn't as deep as the disc rental option but there's enough there to warrant a look. You can also stream stuff from Hulu on the PS3 (not sure about the others tho). Ending nerd blather. I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

Rebecca said...

Hey Mark! I do have XBOX360, & Wii -- but they're not in the rooms that I want Netflix. I was under the impression that they have to be on the tvs that you download Netflix from? OR - is it once I subscribe - any tv that HAS those components will ALSO be able to view Netflix? THAT would rock.

Please educate.