Monday, February 07, 2011

Musings for Monday....

Nothing can hit the spot like...... a good, old fasioned peanut butter and jelly or fluff sandwich. It's got to be incredibly soft bread, almost so soft that it will stick to the roof of your mouth. Few things will trigger the salivary glands quite so well as this. (And I know this because Princess Petunia was still hungry after finishing dinner, so she asked for a PB&F sandwich, and I snuck a little bit of it. I'm thinking skip my dinner and just eat that...!)

No matter how hard I try, I can't listen to the new sports station. Sometimes when WEEI is on commercial or they're talking about something that rather bores me, I flip to music. Occasionally, such as a day like today when I like hearing the post Superbowl chatter and Pre-Spring Training conversations - I'll bop on over to The Sports Hub. I swear to God, every time I do - I regret it. Listening to Toucher & Rich, I feel like my intelligence level has been brought down. Occasionally decent points are made, but more often than not I feel like I'm listening to the Bevis & Butthead of morning talk. Listen, I'm all about having fun - but I take my sports more seriously, and truth be told - these guys aren't the "experts" who's opinion I take seriously. But I try.... I try.

Dear Facebook: The answer is NO for the millionth time. NO I don't want to make you my homepage. NO I don't want you to auto-log me in. (Even though it's CONSTANTLY pre-selected every time I log in or out.) NO I don't want you to share my personal information with third party vendors. Dear God Facebook - I don't want you to take over the world - mine, or anyone else's. It's obnoxious....!

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Suldog said...

Yes, yes, and emphatically yes.