Saturday, February 05, 2011

You are my friend, you are special - special to me - I like you.

(Who doesn't love Mr. Rogers? We all could use a little more of Fred in our day to day lives. I know I'm a better person because of him....but I digress.)
Speaking of friends...

Meet my new BFF, Jennifer Lopez.
I am totally LOVING this season of American Idol. As much as I adored Simon, I'm really not even missing him this season. Steven Tyler & Jennifer Lopez are really great additions. And the best part is - they have "street creds"; I respect their opinions, whereas Ellen Degeneres lent nothing but quirky humor to the judging table.
What I love best about Jen, is that she just is so real; you can tell when she's not comfortable - you can tell when she feels the boys need to be reigned in - and there's such a warmth to her. I always liked her - but I really love her now.
Yup. We're totally BFF's.

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Suldog said...

Ah, you know how I feel about Fred Rogers, I'm sure. A living saint, he was, in my estimation.