Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Survey...

(Courtesy of Dawn)

Outside my window... the little bit of snow that fell last night is glistening in the bright sunshine.

I am thinking... that I hope the kiddies don't tear each other apart today! They both woke up with a touch of a stomach bug, so we are just spending the day in and relaxing. Could be a good thing....could be a war zone. Time will tell....

I am thankful for... all that I have, and I don't mean that materialistically. I have a beautiful family, fabulous friends - and to quote Steven Tyler "I don't want to miss a thing...."

From the kitchen... Hmmm. Not sure since the little one's don't feel that great. Might be a boring chicken broth kind of day. I did make a delicious pork roast last night though.

I am wearing... A Red Sox tshirt and pajama pants. Certainly nothing glamourous!

I am creating... Nothing at the moment. I did re-create the employee schedule for the store the other day, but again - nothing glamourous.

I am going... to catch up on my laundry. (ho-hum. So little glamour here...)

I am reading... The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. It's okay; not as good as Angels & Demons but it's starting to pick up a bit.

I am hoping... that we get good news regarding our mortgage this week so we can put an offer on the house we really, really, really want.

I am hearing... Spongebob Squarepants. Ugh.

Around the house... is lots of sunshine through the windows. And happily, very little dust...

One of my favorite things... is sushi. Can't have enough of it. Yes, I'm addicted. Truth.

I don't understand... how people can treat children so horribly in this state and not suffer the death penalty for their abuse. It's disgusting and the cases keep getting worse and worse - each story of the torment that these children are suffering through and dying from keep becoming more atrocious. What will it take for someone to finally punish these people in the manner in which they deserve?

I wish... I can't share my wishes...they won't come true if I do.

A few plans for the rest of the week... I'm not really sure what my plans are for this week. It's still too early to tell -- except that Princess Petunia and I have a date to see "Beastly" on it's opening night!

A picture to share... Princess Petunia at the beach this past summer.

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Suldog said...

Sometimes when you share a wish, the person you share it with is the one who makes it come true. Just something to keep in mind :-)