Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Merry, Mistletoe and Cheers!

Why is it 5 minutes to midnight and I'm blogging..?
Because I'm exhausted; but need time to unwind.

Christmas dinner is mostly prepped and par-cooked; I only have to partially cook the potatoes & eggplant tomorrow, and the shrimp for cocktail and antipasto/salad are done that day - as is the asparagus. And of course the tenderloin and ham are cooked that day as well. But the lobster bisque is complete, the stuffed peppers are made and the lasagna is done. Kitchen is clean....floors are washed, garbage is out....and the Champagne has been consumed. Yes, I did say champagne. A good champagne at that - and a whole bottle of it no less. I deserve it, I do believe...

Did I mention that the store had an amazing night??? I wasn't quite expecting the crowd I received. I am absolutely exhausted.

Fortunately, most of the gifts are wrapped; I still have a few to do tomorrow but most are done. I have work in the morning....and then it's home to bathe the kids, set the table and extension with chairs, do the place settings.....and then be a guest for Christmas Eve.

Before the chaos known as Christmas morning takes place. Did I mention I have three grown men having a "Sleepover" on Christmas Eve? No? Hmm. Well, I do. I did refer to it as "chaos", right?

Listen, truth of the matter is -- I love, love, love this time of year. Sure, I'm exhausted and it's hustle and bustle -- but seriously, it's so worth it. There's nothing better than sitting around the table with your family and friends and enjoying good times, good food and some laughter. I love being hostess - and while I struggle with not having to have everything "perfect", I do get to enjoy the day despite it being alot of work. I enjoy this kind of's not painful, it's painstaking - and that's entirely different. I try so very hard to have everyone be comfortable and enjoy themselves -- that's a good thing, not bad - so it's not something not to enjoy.

I don't know that I'll get to blog before Christmas, so if not -- I wish all of you who happen to stop in and read (even if you don't comment!) a happy and beautiful Christmas. I hope you are surrounded by love and laughter - and I hope that you smile and enjoy the beauty of the holiday.


PS: While I'm so very happy that Jason is staying for another year - and I know that Santa gave me that gift early -- I still would like to just throw out there that if the Captain is a wine fan -- and he reads my blog (hoping, wishing, praying...silly, I know!) - someone, anyone - let me know what he drinks. 'Mkay? Great. Thanks!

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